It’s Winter Break!

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Hey ya’ll 🙂

So…basically I’m incapable of doing anything on a regular basis. Obvi. Anyway, time for an update. So I let the book stew for about 10 weeks (the length of a U of C quarter…not a coincidence…#wherefuncomes2die) and I started looking at it again. I’ve decided that it’s almost too whimsical. I wrote it to be light, skimming the surface, all of the good of a YA fantasy novel without any of the annoying setting description/angst. But now I’ve changed my mind. I can either a) change the tone of the book halfway thought or b) start over. Now I’m leaning against option b because if I don’t finish something, I probably won’t ever finish anything. But option a is going to make people angry. So…the project is doomed. But I am going to finish this novel!!!

If anyone wants to do a chapter exchange with a somewhat irregular critique buddy then I am willing. 🙂 See ya all soon!


Meet my University

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I’m going to be a student at the University of Chicago this fall. And by this fall, I really do mean this fall. Most schools start in late August. Chicago’s on the quarter system so it doesn’t start until September 26. When I’ve been there for a while you can feel free to ask me questions about it 🙂

I’ll post a more detailed description of the school and my feelings about going to college when the novel gets to 35,000 words. So it might be a while >.>

Meet the Novel

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I started writing a novel this summer. It’s a YA fantasy and it’s sitting at 30,000 words, but I’m having a pacing crisis. It’s on it’s way to being too short. There’s lots of good advice on the internet for people struggling with that kind of thing, but I particularly liked the advice given on this page: I’ve got a Beta Reader, whom I found on the Hatrack River Writers Workshop, who has also been really helpful. I’ll post his advice on the pacing issues whenever he sends it 🙂

Are any of you writing a book? How’s it going?

Hello world!

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This is my new site, designed to be my personal blog. I haven’t updated the political blog in ages, and after a few clumsy attempts to turn it into a new blog I figured that I might as well start over. (Question for the reader: How many of you say “mine as well” out loud? I know I do) Really, the two blogs have nothing to do with each other, so it seems like “cheating” to use the other blog. So, for the moment, that blog is done. If I get inspired, I might throw in a post every other year or so 🙂

That’s enough nostalgia!

So, what is this blog?

This is a personal blog. It will be about my life, my writing, my hatred of my Android phone, etc.

That’s about it for now. See you later 🙂

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